A video where there is none.  Done in the video style of 80’s hits.  Audio remixed as well with additional instrumentation.
The DJ L33 Remix movie! The entire Summer In Paradise album remixed remastered and reimagined along with music videos for each track plus bonus features and custom art.

“And with the radio blastin’

goes cruisin’ just as fast as she can now

…and she’ll have fun fun fun”

-The Beach Boys

A classic cover done by The Beach Boys.  I remixed the audio to be more complete with elements of other takes and some additional instrumentation.  Video is from a live show and footage from the movie Almost Summer.
My cover demo of Dennis Wilson’s beautiful song Moonshine. All vocals and instruments by DJ L33. A demo for the upcoming cover album. Video in honor of my hero. RIP Denny.
This is the COMPLETE Beach Boys LIVE AID performance with no gaps, remastered for sound and video as featured by AL JARDINE on his Facebook/Twitter/Instagram on the anniversary. Includes Wilson bros. interview.
An audio remaster of the entire Beach Boys concert album I did for my friend Fred Vail, who did the famous introductin at the beginning. The video is synced with other live footage. Enjoy

“In the ocean or
…in a glass
cool water is such a gas.”

-The Beach Boys

Gigantic project. Audio (mono to stereo) ,video HD remaster, real Beach Boys soundtrack project of the 1990 Beach Boys movie Summer Dreams.
Restoration / Remaster of ultra rare CKLW version of Beach Boys side project Celebration’s song Almost Summer; complete with an all original music video.


THE ENTIRE SURFIN’ SAFARI ALBUM remastered and converted from mono to beautiful STEREO by DJ L33.  All songs play in order on this video playlist.  Enjoy!

THE ULTIMATE BEACH BOYS VIDEO PLAYLIST.  Hundreds of DJ L33 Beach Boys and related videos in one handy playlist.  One song plays after another.  Songs, Movies, Documentaries, Remixes, Remasters, Rarities, Commercials, TV appearances and so much more!

“Spreading the love and sunshine

…to a whole new generation.

That’s why God made the radio.”

-The Beach Boys