The station itself is free to listen to anytime we’re on the air.  However if you’d like to support Endless Summer Radio and / or DJ L33’s projects, we are looking into ways (Patreon, Paypal etc) you can donate to help offset the cost of setup, library, studio, station, videos, website, and operational costs. 

In a utopian world I would never need to setup this page, however I am investing immense amount of time, effort and money into getting the studio sounding perfect, on the right server, with the right apps, with the right website and page, licensing and so many other details and investments already and going forward as this station grows.

I appreciate everyone’s support over the last year on my YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook groups and other places.  Your love of The Beach Boys and the great friendships many of us have formed as a community of fans online and even fans of my work is greatly appreciated and humbling.  Thank you all, for more than you know!

Stay tuned for more details.

Love and Have Mercy

DJ L33

“Now I could take sock away my dough

…and make me six percent a year.

But it’s not much fun to wait around for that

…when I can spend it while it’s here!”

-The Beach Boys

Loop-dee-loop flip-flop website has an airplane!